What We Know About the Maine Shooting Suspect?

  • Robert R. Card, a man currently wanted by law enforcement, has been identified as an Army reservist based on Pentagon records. He comes from a family with a deep-rooted history of living on farmland in southern Maine.
  • Maine authorities have issued an arrest warrant for Robert R. Card, a 40-year-old individual, in connection with a tragic shooting incident that unfolded on a fateful Wednesday night at a bowling alley and bar in Lewiston. The arrest warrant specifies eight counts of murder, but officials have been reticent to share much information about Mr. Card during a news conference held on a Thursday morning. What they did make clear, however, is that his whereabouts are unknown, and he is considered armed and highly dangerous.
Robert Card.
Credit :-Lewiston Maine Police Department, via Associated Press
  • Colonel William G. Ross of the Maine State Police emphasized the urgency of the situation, stating, “We believe this is someone that should not be approached,” and urged residents to exercise caution.
  • The Pentagon’s U.S. Army public affairs office has confirmed that Mr. Card holds the rank of sergeant first class in the Army Reserve, having enlisted in December 2002. His military training centers on petroleum supply logistics, specifically involving the shipping and storage of vehicle and aircraft fuels. Importantly, Mr. Card has not been deployed in any combat assignments and is affiliated with the 3rd Battalion, 304th Infantry Regiment based in Saco, Maine.
  • Further investigation by police authorities has unveiled an incident involving Mr. Card during a recent visit to Camp Smith, a National Guard training facility not far from West Point. A senior law enforcement official disclosed that Mr. Card was subsequently evaluated at a mental health facility.
  • Bryce Dubee, an Army spokesman, shared that Mr. Card’s reserve unit had provided support for training at West Point during the summer. However, there are no records indicating his involvement in instructing or participating in such training. Mr. Dubee refrained from disclosing more details, citing federal privacy regulations and the ongoing nature of the investigation.
  • Law enforcement agencies have posted a photograph of the individual they are actively seeking. In the image, Mr. Card is seen wearing a brown hooded sweatshirt and carrying a military-style semiautomatic rifle.
  • The last known information about Mr. Card’s whereabouts places him driving a white Subaru Outback with a black bumper. Officials revealed that this vehicle was later discovered at a boat landing in the town of Lisbon, prompting a lockdown in the area as a safety precaution.
  • It has been reported that Mr. Card was in his hometown, Bowdoin, as recently as last fall, engaged in deer hunting. Bowdoin, a small community located approximately 16 miles from Lewiston, is where the Card family has deep roots. A neighbor, Rick Goddard, who has known the Card family for most of his life, shared that they are known as quiet farmers. Robert has a brother who also served in the military and a younger sister.
  • Despite the typically serene surroundings of Mr. Goddard’s rural home, recent events have disrupted the peace. The sound of helicopters and the sight of tactical vehicles passing by have become regular occurrences.
  • Visiting the Card family home, there was no response when officials came knocking on Thursday, and only one car was parked outside. A broken basketball hoop hung from the garage, and a worn swing set stood in the front yard. A farm owned by the Card family is situated nearby, alongside a property that formerly belonged to Mr. Card’s grandfather, as pointed out by Mr. Goddard. He also mentioned another nearby property that had once been home to Mr. Card’s great-grandfather, which now sits abandoned. The area offers plenty of dense woods, making it an ideal place to hide.
  • Mr. Goddard summed up the community’s current state of mind, saying, “We’re on edge right now because we know this is his familiar territory.”

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