Vince McMahon Accused of Sexual Misconduct in New Lawsuit by Former WWE Employee

Allegations have emerged against Vince McMahon, the founder of WWE, by a former employee named Janel Grant, accusing him of involvement in sex trafficking. The lawsuit, filed in a Connecticut federal court, asserts that McMahon hired Grant in 2019 under distressing circumstances, following the passing of her parents and her unemployment. What initially seemed like an opportunity, according to the lawsuit, turned into a distressing experience.

Grant contends that McMahon coerced her into a sexual relationship in exchange for the job, engaging in inappropriate behavior such as greeting her in his underwear, physical contact, incessant requests for hugs, and prolonged discussions about his personal life. After her employment commenced, McMahon purportedly shared explicit photos of Grant with fellow WWE employees and wrestlers, allegedly encouraging others to have sexual relations with her, including WWE staff.

The lawsuit further alleges that McMahon, along with another WWE executive, sexually assaulted Grant while colleagues were occupied at their desks. These accusations not only shed light on McMahon’s conduct but also raise concerns about the management at WWE, now under TKO Group Holdings. In 2022, McMahon temporarily stepped down as WWE CEO during an internal investigation into allegations of misconduct. The investigation focused on claims that he had paid substantial amounts in hush money to a former employee with whom he was allegedly involved in an affair. A Wall Street Journal report from 2022 indicated that McMahon had agreed to pay over $12 million to four women.

The lawsuit questions the efficacy of WWE’s internal investigation, asserting that it was insufficient. Grant’s legal team claims that the special committee failed to interview her or request pertinent documents, despite her willingness to cooperate. McMahon purportedly pressured Grant into signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) after revealing that his wife had discovered their relationship. The lawsuit seeks to invalidate the NDA under federal law, including the Trafficking Victims Protection Act.

The comprehensive 67-page lawsuit contains disturbing details and a range of serious allegations against McMahon. As of now, WWE has not responded to requests for comment on the matter.

Grant’s legal team contends that WWE’s investigation into the matter was deceptive, describing it as a “sham” in the lawsuit. They assert that the special committee failed to conduct interviews with Ms. Grant or request any relevant documents, despite her expressed willingness to cooperate.

The complaint further alleges that McMahon exerted pressure on Grant to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) after revealing that his wife had discovered their relationship. According to the lawsuit, Grant succumbed to this pressure and signed the NDA in exchange for payments, which McMahon later ceased.

The lawsuit seeks a court declaration declaring the NDA invalid under federal law, including the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. WWE has not yet responded to requests for comment on the matter.

The 67-page legal document is replete with disturbing claims, some of which are outlined below.

Experiencing sorrow and susceptibility:-

In her legal claim, Grant portrays herself as going through a difficult time and experiencing grief when she crossed paths with McMahon. According to the lawsuit, having recently lost her parents and facing challenges in finding employment, a friend suggested she seek advice from McMahon.

During their initial meeting, McMahon allegedly divulged personal and intimate details about his life, discussing “current family dynamics,” including his separation from Linda McMahon, and recounting his challenging childhood marked by poverty. He reportedly expressed a desire not only to offer her a job but to “give [her] a life,” assuring her of a place within WWE.

However, according to the lawsuit, McMahon is accused of quickly crossing boundaries, engaging in grooming behavior for sexual exploitation. Allegations include him appearing in his underwear, requesting kisses, and making inappropriate sexual advances towards Grant.

Sexual misconduct characterized by forceful behavior:-

The lawsuit alleges that McMahon demanded explicit photos from Grant and engaged in sexually aggressive behavior, resulting in physical injuries, including bleeding and pain, purportedly caused by the forceful use of sex toys.

McMahon is also accused of naming his sex toys after male WWE wrestlers, such as a black “dildo” named after an African American wrestler and a white one after a Caucasian wrestler.

In addition to these claims, the lawsuit presents texts attributed to McMahon, describing his sexual fantasies. McMahon is said to have disclosed to Grant that he exhibited her explicit photos and shared stories about their sexual activities with male WWE employees.

“I just passed my phone around to a bunch of guys on the tech crew. They were screaming!! … ‘Look at that a**,’ he wrote.

Accusations of Involvement in Sex Trafficking:-

According to the lawsuit, in 2020, the nature of the relationship shifted to involve sex trafficking, as McMahon allegedly exerted pressure on Grant to engage in threesomes with other men. This included McMahon’s physical therapist and another WWE executive, John Laurinaitis, who is also named as a defendant in the lawsuit.

The legal document states, “On numerous occasions, Ms. Grant was directed to visit Laurinaitis at his hotel room before work to serve herself to him as his ‘breakfast.'” The lawsuit contends that these distressing encounters left Ms. Grant feeling as if she were being exploited as an object for sexual satisfaction for her new boss.

Allegation of Sexual Assault at WWE Offices:-

The legal filing asserts that McMahon and Laurinaitis committed sexual assault against her while at the WWE office.

In June 2021, the lawsuit alleges that upon her arrival at work, McMahon and Laurinaitis brought her into Laurinaitis’ office and reportedly assaulted her, despite Grant expressing objections with “no” and “please stop.” According to the lawsuit, McMahon responded callously, stating, “No means yes.”

The legal document further contends that on multiple occasions during Grant’s tenure under Laurinaitis, even after McMahon’s assurance that one-on-one encounters would cease and after McMahon’s wife had relocated to join Laurinaitis, she was allegedly summoned to his office. There, it is claimed, Laurinaitis would lock the door, unzip his pants, and instruct Ms. Grant to perform oral sex.

Grant Allegedly Used as “Sexual Pawn” for Wrestler Signing:-

The lawsuit additionally contends that McMahon exploited Grant as a “sexual pawn” in order to persuade an unnamed WWE wrestler, referred to as WWE Superstar in the legal document, to sign a new contract.

According to the lawsuit, in December 2021, McMahon allegedly provided Ms. Grant’s personal cell phone number to WWE Superstar, assuring that “she’ll do anything” requested of her. In the subsequent days, WWE Superstar reportedly disclosed a fetish to Ms. Grant and tested McMahon’s assurance by requesting a video of herself urinating.

Grant claims she “complied” with the request but subsequently avoided further interactions with the wrestler, citing concerns related to the COVID pandemic.

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