From Pig Farmer to College Football Hero: Bryson Barnes’ Unbelievable Journey

Salt Lake City, Utah football enthusiasts proudly embrace their quarterback, Bryson Barnes, who also happens to be a pig farmer. Barnes hails from the quaint Utah town of Milford.

During College GameDay, in anticipation of Utah’s showdown with Oregon, Barnes shared the remarkable journey of his life, as narrated through a story he penned back in elementary school.

Barnes has served as the backup to Utah’s starting quarterback, Cam Rising, for the past three seasons. Although he hasn’t had many opportunities to showcase his skills on the field, his presence has ignited a sense of curiosity in the college football realm. His story is one of those distinctive and heartwarming narratives that captivates the interest of fans, making it a joy to read.

Bryson Barnes Makes a Memorable Debut at the 2022 Rose Bowl

  • The college football world was introduced to Bryson Barnes during Utah’s inaugural appearance at the 2022 Rose Bowl, an event that garnered widespread attention after their starting quarterback, Rising, suffered a concussion against Ohio State.
  • The game had already evolved into a thrilling spectacle, both teams locked in an intense shootout, even after the Utes had established an early lead. Barnes’ entrance into the game added an electrifying twist.
  • Many teams would falter when their leader goes down, as Rising did, but under Barnes, the Utes remained resolute, wasting no time in making a statement against the formidable Buckeyes.
  • In a dramatic turn of events, with just 1:54 left in the fourth quarter, Barnes delivered a 15-yard pass to Kincaid, tying the game at 45-45. This sudden twist left the media scrambling to uncover the identity of Utah’s new star quarterback.
  • Regrettably, there was still enough time on the clock for the Buckeyes to kick a game-winning field goal, sealing a 48-45 victory. However, this did not diminish the fact that a legend was born that day.

Hailing from which place does Bryson Barnes originate?

  • One of the elements that has sparked the intrigue of college football fans about Barnes is his humble origins in the charming, albeit petite, town of Milford, Utah.
  • Situated in the southwestern corner of Utah, in Beaver County, Milford is home to a mere 1,431 residents as per the 2020 census. Notably, this quaint town is predominantly known for its vast farmland, which brings us to the next intriguing aspect of Barnes’ background.

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