Cowboys vs. Bills: A HIGH-OCTANE showdown in Buffalo – will Dallas STEAL the cheese?

Week 15 of the NFL slams down with 11 crucial matchups, each twisting the playoff picture with its unique drama. In the early kickoff blitz, seven battles ignited, including the Jets’ aerial assault against the Dolphins’ stingy defense.

As the sun dips lower, the spotlight narrows to three late-afternoon clashes. The Cowboys and Bills, both aiming for divisional dominance, lock horns in a game reeking of playoff intensity.

And then, under the Sunday Night Football lights, the Ravens and Jaguars take center stage. This clash, marinated in AFC South rivalry and playoff implications, promises to be a nail-biter for the ages.

So buckle up, football fans, because Week 15 is a buffet of gridiron intrigue. Every game, every play, holds the potential to rewrite the playoff story. This is football at its most thrilling, and you won’t want to miss a single snap.

Find out how to watch the NFL Week 15 games on Sunday. Learn about the time, TV channels, streaming options, and who will be announcing the games.

NFL Week 16 matchups:

  1. Chargers vs. Raiders
  2. Vikings vs. Bengals
  3. Steelers vs. Colts
  4. Broncos vs. Lions
  5. Falcons vs. Panthers
  6. Bears vs. Browns
  7. Buccaneers vs. Packers
  8. Jets vs. Dolphins
  9. Giants vs. Saints
  10. Texans vs. Titans
  11. Chiefs vs. Patriots
  12. 49ers vs. Cardinals
  13. Commanders vs. Rams
  14. Cowboys vs. Bills
  15. Ravens vs. Jaguars
  16. Eagles vs. Seahawks

Additional highlights include power rankings, odds, and the complete schedule.

Which NFL teams have games scheduled for Sunday?

The Atlanta Falcons are set to go up against the Carolina Panthers, the Chicago Bears will face the Cleveland Browns, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are scheduled to take on the Green Bay Packers. In another matchup, the Miami Dolphins will host the New York Jets, the New York Giants will play against the New Orleans Saints, the Houston Texans will go head-to-head with the Tennessee Titans, and the Kansas City Chiefs are geared up for a battle against the New England Patriots in the early games.

Moving to the late games, we have the San Francisco 49ers facing the Arizona Cardinals, the Washington Commanders taking on the Los Angeles Rams, and the Dallas Cowboys going up against the Buffalo Bills.

The featured Sunday Night Football game will showcase the Baltimore Ravens squaring off against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

What times are the NFL games on Sunday?

The early games, including matchups such as Falcons vs. Panthers, Bears vs. Browns, Buccaneers vs. Packers, Jets vs. Dolphins, Giants vs. Saints, Texans vs. Titans, and Chiefs vs. Patriots, all kick off at 11 a.m. MST (1 p.m. EST).

Following that, the 49ers vs. Cardinals and Commanders vs. Rams games will commence at 2:05 p.m. MST (4:05 p.m. EST), while the Cowboys vs. Bills showdown starts at 2:25 p.m. MST (4:25 p.m. EST).

The Sunday Night Football game featuring Ravens vs. Jaguars is scheduled to start at 6:20 p.m. MST (8:20 p.m. EST).

For details on the NFL Week 15 schedule, television channels, and how to watch or stream the games on Sunday, refer to the respective broadcasting platforms and streaming services.

What channels are the NFL games on Sunday?

FOX is set to broadcast the Falcons vs. Panthers, Bears vs. Browns, Giants vs. Saints, Chiefs vs. Patriots, and Cowboys vs. Bills games.

CBS will cover the Buccaneers vs. Packers, Jets vs. Dolphins, Texans vs. Titans, 49ers vs. Cardinals, and Commanders vs. Rams games.

NBC will showcase the Ravens vs. Jaguars Sunday Night Football game.

How can I stream the NFL games on Sunday?

All 11 Sunday games can be viewed on streaming platforms that offer NBC, FOX, and CBS, such as FUBO TV, which offers a free trial.

Note: FUBO provides local streaming for every Week 15 NFL Sunday game.

Who are the announcers for Sunday’s NFL games?

  • Adam Amin (play-by-play) and Mark Schlereth (analyst) are set to provide commentary for the Panthers vs. Falcons game.
  • Kevin Kugler (play-by-play) and Mark Sanchez (analyst) will be calling the action for Browns vs. Bears.
  • Announcing Packers vs. Buccaneers will be Andrew Catalon (play-by-play), Tiki Barber (analyst), and Matt Ryan (analyst).
  • Jim Nantz (play-by-play) and Tony Romo (analyst) will handle the commentary for the Dolphins vs. Jets matchup.
  • Kenny Albert (play-by-play) and Jonathan Vilma (analyst) will be the announcers for the Saints vs. Giants game.
  • Spero Dedes (play-by-play) and Adam Archuleta (analyst) will provide commentary for Titans vs. Texans.
  • Joe Davis (play-by-play) and Daryl Johnston (analyst) will be on the call for Patriots vs. Chiefs.
  • Ian Eagle (play-by-play) and Charles Davis (analyst) are set to announce the Cardinals vs. 49ers matchup.
  • For the Rams vs. Commanders game, the announcers will be Tom McCarthy (play-by-play), James Lofton (analyst), and Jay Feely (analyst).
  • Kevin Burkhardt (play-by-play) and Greg Olsen (analyst) will provide commentary for the Bills vs. Cowboys game.
  • In the Sunday Night Football matchup between Jaguars vs. Ravens, Mike Tirico (play-by-play) and Cris Collinsworth (analyst) will be in the announcer booth.

Predictions, Picks, and Odds for Sunday’s NFL Games:

  • Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers Picks, Predictions, Odds: Who Wins the NFL Week 15 Game?
  • Chicago Bears at Cleveland Browns Picks, Predictions, Odds: Who Wins the NFL Week 15 Game?
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Green Bay Packers Picks, Predictions: Who Wins the NFL Week 15 Game?
  • New York Jets at Miami Dolphins Picks, Predictions, Odds: Who Wins the NFL Week 15 Game?
  • New York Giants at New Orleans Saints Picks, Predictions, Odds: Who Wins the NFL Week 15 Game?
  • Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans Picks, Predictions, Odds: Who Wins the NFL Week 15 Game?
  • Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots Picks, Predictions: Who Wins the NFL Week 15 Game?
  • San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals Picks, Predictions: Who Wins the NFL Week 15 Game?
  • Washington Commanders at Los Angeles Rams Picks, Predictions: Who Wins the NFL Week 15 Game?
  • Dallas Cowboys at Buffalo Bills Picks, Predictions, Odds: Who Wins the NFL Week 15 Game?
  • Baltimore Ravens at Jacksonville Jaguars Picks, Predictions: Who Wins the NFL Week 15 Game?

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